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Bond Yields Plunge

It’s over, faggots. US 10yr yields are Mcplunging this morning — down 6bps to 1.69%. The idea of reflation has been killed. The idea of morbidly low interest rates is alive. As such, you’d be wise to get long gold and silver, with your cock and your balls.

The recent trade has been correlating gold with yields. As yields dropped, the price of gold soared. During the recent downturn in gold, which caused all of the fiatFAGS to declare gold dead again, making fun of the “men of metal” as if this were 2015. WRONG, fuckers. This is not 2015. The year is 2019 and we’re fixing to peel off your faces with the rubbers from our spinning tires.

Futures are soft, but gold is hard. Take what you will from that.

Happy Monday!

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