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Serious Question, What the Fuck Happened to Goldman?

I know they’re the vampire squid, very evil, and black, and also greedy — but permit a DJ to preside over America’s leading investment bank? I know, DJ Sol is more than just an EDMFAG; he’s well versed in finance and knows his shit.

So why the fuck is he out there sullying the good name of Goldman with shit like this?

Perhaps this is all part of a greater Machiavellian scheme, to bestow upon America an ordinary lad who enjoy to mix EDM songs for plebs on the weekend. I realize there are limitations to understand the schemes of America’s grand lodges in the short term, as they play a very long, generational game. But fuck DJ Sol and the entire GS board for inserting this into the timeline. I cannot believe I was forced to write about it.

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  1. speerothekid

    So the most powerful CEO in the IB world has a hobby that isn’t golf or polo, who cares?

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  2. s.k.

    Everyone is desperate to be that “cool” bank that gets the largest slice of a small Millenial pie.

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  3. frog

    Peopel who work to accumulate a lot of money often think they are gaining freedom by it. Sometimes the joke’s often on them because they may end up tied down to long hours in their job, while poorer people are actually more free.

    But if someone does go to all that trouble & effort to attain a high occupational position, why on earth would they spend what little FREE time they have, in doing what other people think is the proper hobby for someone in their station in life to do?

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