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You can literally not stop me. This is getting some of you haters so mad. I’m twisting your nuts into a knot and ripping them off (no homo). You keep waiting for me to flag and falter and yet here I am doing there unthinkable — a streak that is performed live for the world to see — trades timestamped and discussed in detail inside Exodus. That too irks you and annoys you to no end.

I sold NEW here, purchased this morning in the $23s, sold now in the $28s.

I will continue this streak forever — because I am the new stock God — and the old stock Gods are miserable faggots, whom I’ve locked away and stored in an cold, damp cellar.

Try to disprove anything I just said. You cannot.

Here is the running tally of my trades.

PS +20%
SOGO +16%
MDB +12%
PVTL +13.5%
QD -3%
SSTI +7%
HUBS +10%
IQ +32%
BITA +4%
SMAR +26% (doubled up)
ZUO +21%
BILI +12% (doubled up)
HUYA +19%
OSTK +2.7%
BILI +20.5%
CBLK +16%
EVBG +7.2%
APPN +9%
ZEN +6%
CLPS +104%
BL +2%
PS +4%
SMAR +4.8%
APPF +0.15%
FIZZ +16%
SHAK +12%
YEXT +12%
AMBO +37%
NEW +23%

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  1. toplel_sloth

    AVLR has ripped as well, the IPO market spit some hot fiya

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  2. donkeyboy

    Insane valuations, insane debt, and $tsla is up another 3%

    Jesus take the wheel

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  3. bearraid

    QD repeat bull sweepers… next chinese turd to pop?

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  4. og

    Wish I went long SOGO. Jesus.

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