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Reminder: Moviepass is an Evil Corporation

Let’s review their business model.

Charge cut throat pricing to access movie theaters, instantly losing money for shareholders.
Subsidizing business model via onerous share offerings that hurt shareholders.
Attempting to disrupt theater business long enough to extort theaters into sharing in concession stand profits.
Literally the same business model as the Italian mafia, sans the legitimate facade of having a publicly traded majority shareholder and ability to tape capital markets.

New offering disclosed in the after-hours, sending shares sharply lower, yet again.

If you were AMC, would you ever cave into these faggots?

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  1. sarcrilege

    not until they change their name to “something- tittychain”

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  2. cancel19

    Growing pains?

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  3. metalleg

    The longer AMC sits out, the greater the chance that Regal tells MP to fuck off.

    When Regal ultimately leaves, MP quickly heads toward $0 per share.

    This is likely a great stock to short on every pop until it reaches $0.

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  4. numbersgame

    HMNY shareholders deserve this loss: they have no business handling money:
    1) This is a terrible business model
    2) This exact thing happenned the last time the stock shot up (Dec 2017)

    I’m hoping that the stock goes up again, and then management does a third dilutive offering.

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