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Morning Poppers (Boot Camp Has Been Canceled Edition)

Unfortunately, Jeff isn’t able to do the Boot Camp this week and we might need to cancel altogether. It wasn’t supposed to be this delayed and we certainly didn’t want to cancel it after collecting fees. Nonetheless, if Jeff decides he’s unable to do it, I’ll be sending out refunds this week. Stay tuned for a final decision later on today.


Eurostoxx are higher by 0.5%, sans the communists in Spain. They deserve to be down and are, to the tune of 0.3%.

Bitcoin is lower by 2% to $5,875 after hitting a record high of $6,100. Notice how the price is quoted in actual dollars and for you GIGANTIC FAGGOTS to do anything with the winners, you first need to convert back to dollars? Isn’t that special? (extra Church Lady)

Nasdaq futs are +12 and NVDA’s price target has been upped to $230 from $180 at Jefferies.

There’s really nothing for you good people to worry about. Isn’t life grande? Go out and enjoy your Halloween costume parties under heavy influence of narcotics. Be sure to wear that gorilla outfit proudly, whilst dancing like an invalid until you pass out from dehydration.

There’s plenty of work to be done and wars to win, enemies to maim and kill.

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  1. sarcrilege

    spot on: “Notice how the price is quoted in actual dollars”,
    *actual* as in fiat confetti; but I don’t expect crypto fans get the subtleties of that comment until it’s too late; otherwise the bubble would’ve popped already.

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  2. natehois

    I am seeing so many banner ads now a days for buying bitcoin and investing your roth IRA in bitcoin. Reminds me of the old “you can get 100x leverage trading forex!” ads of days passed.

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  3. moonshot

    They really should quote bitcoin the other way.

    While dollars once traded at $10 per bitcoin, they have plummeted against the massively strong cryptocurrency, recently recovering to $.00017 per bitcoin after falling to a record low $0.00016 per bitcoin. Janet Yellen did not immediately respond to queries about when bitcoin would replace US Dollars as the world reserve currency.

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