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Morning Poppers (Friday the 13th in October Edition)

Any of you supreme faggots into numerology? Apparently, it’s a bad omen to be forsaken with a Friday the 13th during the month of October. Satanic shit is about to pop off — Harvey Weinstein — Sonoma is burning style.

WTI is higher by 2% this morning. There is some serious strength in crude as of late. It’s notable.

What’s also notable is the faggot nature of all the bitcoiners, jerking each other off on Twitter. BTC is higher by another 3% to 5,600 and ETH is higher by 7.5%.

European markets are flat and Nasdaq futs are +4.

Here are some of the early movers.

TOPS +60.6%, ITEK +26.8%, EXFO +13.6%, TSE +8%, ZN +6.5%, EFX +2.2%, TWX +2.1%, HPQ +1.1%, NEO +0.8%, REVG +0.7%, BAC +0.5%

ATRS -39.7%, TNDM -27.6%, AAOI -20.9%, ECYT -9.3%, HMNY -7.6%, NANO -5.8%, SGH -4.8%, OPNT -4.5%, NPTN -4.1%, BTX -4%, FNSR -2.6%, ANAB -2.3%, ACIA -2.2%, OCLR -1.9%, SNCR -1.5%, PTEN -1.4%, LITE -1.3%, DISH -1.1%, EXAC -1.1%, AXTI -0.5%

Analyst refuse.

And…Trump killed Obamacare, without congress.

  • The payments reimburse insurers for discounts in health costs offered to low- and middle-income Obamacare customers.
  • Insurers were projected to receive $10 billion in subsidies in 2018.
  • Some premiums for 2018 are already higher because insurers feared the Trump administration would end the payments.

Top of the morning to you.

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  1. sarcrilege

    Good for Trump. Perhaps he was written off too soon. I did not think he had it in him after he caved in on nearly everything, most notably not locking up that shabbos shiksa “but they suffered so much already” Crooked Hitlery.

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  2. reversion

    His voters will now get a dose of reality….. fools.

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  3. gappingandyapping

    Stop trading these risky things called stocks. Just buy BTC and $XIV and make 2% per day with zero risk.

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  4. mushroomz

    On the subject AAOI, it is hilarious to me that there is a class action lawsuit against AAOI on behalf of the people that bought the stock after it had gone up 350% in less than a year. Retards.

    The stock has still doubled in the last 12 months. People think way too short term in the markets.

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  5. mushroomz

    PEPECASH actually has market cap of $12 million LOL


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