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Meanwhile, the Turkish Lira is Crashing

Nothing to see here folks. It’s just a little ‘King Dollar’/ ‘Dollar Strength’ pin action.

The Turks deserve to lose their currency altogether, let alone face a long arduous battle with the EU for inclusion into their doomed club.

The ramifications of the strong dollar will have a profound effect on shit countries, like Turkey, Mexico and China.


Seeing the Lira trade down v the dollar is a daily occurrence. But today’s drop is special, as it mows down buyers — down by 3.3%.

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  1. john_galt

    nice panic selling. Soon will be the time to buy the Lira again

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  2. it is showtime

    Despite those who have control of the United States stock market… trying to keep any red moves from occurring whatsoever… and they’re obviously flailing-about today… because any informed glance at the indexes shows the stock market… wants to go down, or not be forced to maintain a level its not comfortable with… I’m flat

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