Friday, May 6, 2016
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The magnanimous misfits from the “futures trading pits” have spoke loudly, in baritone tones: sell equities, for the end is near. The futures guys are some of the least educated people on Wall Street. On average, they have junior high school diplomas and 90% of them have criminal records. They spend their days losing money in the market. At night, they burgle the homes of investors.

I remember meeting one of these people long ago: a very strange man, clad in velcro sneakers and a suit that resembled polyester. He made himself out to be a big deal, always chatting about his exploits, throwing stupid futures slang talk around like a hooker in the Bronx spreads STDs. No one really cared about the futures. Real people of finance laugh at them, poke fun at the futures guy for having a bad job and a stupid brain.

So as I watch the futures decline, just know, it means absolutely nothing to me.

In summary, the futures guys remind of Hillary Clinton’s moon face: positively nonsensical– and at the same time– whimsically idiotic.

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  1. Do you like Phil Collins?

  2. Having a “bad job and a stupid brain” is the epitome of a wasted life.

  3. Barbarous bid in the metal tonight.

  4. That is one ugly fucking moon.

  5. So we do not need Asia or Europe or Japan. Interesting. Global growth is the new MySpace.

  6. Who wants to get in the suck-ar vortex? For all the buy buy buy suck-ars.

    Europe is starting to hold hands with Asia. We hold hands and join in harmony