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The Very Best Low Float Stocks

These stocks aren’t “the best” because they go up the most or because they have the most potential. They are “the best” because The PPT says they are.












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  1. ottnott

    SAM has been amazing. It hasn’t made many bad moves since it went public. It has been using big chunks of its cash flow for many years to buy back shares, making lemonade out of the periods when share prices were low.

    My wife and I both still have our original 33 shares each purchased at $15/sh using coupons from 6-packs of Sam Adams:
    “But the Boston Beer Company, the purveyor of Samuel Adams beer, is going out of its way to lure just such holders in one of the most unusual initial public offering gimmicks in years. It has placed coupons in its six-packs, and established a toll-free line — (800) 495-2739 — to lure customers to buy 33 shares, for $15 each, for a total of $495.”

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    • mad marsupial

      Ottnott, that’s so cool! That’s over 7K now. What did a six pack cost back then and were pterodactyls roaming the earth? I was in Boston when they launched SA and it was the talk of the town in all of the “Kool” circles. Think obnoxious aholes in Harvard Yard.

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  2. ripper

    most of these names are already very extended, but good list to buy on a dip.

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  3. flyaway17

    I miss being 18. Anyway, where are all the knuckleheads who were posting snide comments about your buying stocks at all-time market highs? You’ve had some great picks for sure. There’s an $11 target on Devil’s pick from a while back, NVAX, and i went long with him, too. Another one to watch is SVA, just goes up every day. You were going to shate a biotech pick and don’t think you ever did, or was it ONVO? I’ll check in the PPT.

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