Friday, December 9, 2016
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Leisurely Sunday Reading: Leonard Dykstra Starring in “Meet the Mutt”

This is too classic for me to cheapen by copy and pasting a large swath of the article. Here is a preview. Click on the NY Post link for full grandeur.

His attitude toward non-whites was no better. Behind their backs, baseball legend Willie Mays, a Player’s Club partner, was referred to as Dykstra’s “field n – – – er”; Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods were “darkies”; and when he instructed Frankie to write an article about the “baboons,” he meant tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams.

When Dykstra’s company was evicted from its offices due to non-payment of rent, and Dykstra tried pressuring Frankie and another employee to “use their personal credit ratings to secure loans and credit cards for the Players Club and [his company] Nails Investments,” which they wisely refused.


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  1. Juice

    he’d better wear a rear-view mirror in prison

    That must be one of Cramers biggest embarrassments, falling for that white-assed conman

  2. Mr. Cain Thaler

    (shakes head)

  3. Grand Wizard

    Did he really cheat his momma ?

  4. joshtrader

    I love that Cramer called him “one of the great ones”

  5. Vertigo

    Dykstra is a failed clone of Cramer, a clumsy imitation. Cramer has a sophisticated con game going. Who else has the audacity to write a book “Getting Back to Even”? Give the suckers lousy stock advice then sell them a strategy on how to recover from losses.

  6. Frog

    He was one helluva con artist. And took full advantage of the ridiculous celebrity worship so common in American culture.

    It’s bizarre how many people think that just because someone plays sports well, that he must be some kind of god– all knowing in every area of life, and moral and trustworthy too.

  7. ernisTbass

    septn fer that he cud play sum baseball, then agin I herd Charlie Manson wuz a prety gud camp fire gitar player too, I ges we all got shortcummins, sum pepl jus dont hide em to good

  8. Woodshedder

    The last page of the article is a must read.

    By the way NPR had a bit on today where the lady proclaimed that an audited record of Jim Cramer shows that one should immediately short anything he says to buy.

    When NPR is talking about, whew…bad…

  9. MX2101

    I read a few of Dykstra’s posts about options. Never made any sense… he would “roll over” a losing position out a month and call it winning. Or how about his constant mention of his position “controlling” x amount of shares. huh? whatever…

  10. widespread panik
    widespread panik

    Guy needs to rot in hell what terrible deeds he did to everyone in his path. The fact that Kramer endorsed him says it all right there. Short everything Jimmy the dough boy says buybuybuy and go way long stocks he says to sellsellsell. Its a proven fact how wrong he is and what he tries to do on air for his hedge fund cronies.