Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Not Impressed By Today’s Losses

Whenever the market rips and I lose money, the very next day I lose a lot more. Yesterday I noted how the 70 point melt up was exclusive to a select few, considering my pastiche of holdings lost me money. Today, me and my 100% long only portfolio got shipped to the woodshed to be chained like an animal and whipped with junkyard chains.

Five minutes to the bell and I am off by 1.69%, a very stern drawback for Le Fly.

Nevertheless, I’d be lying to you if I claimed to be scared. Nothing scares me, not even all of my stocks going to zero in unison. I have faith that the plan that I put into motion will deliver extreme winship. It’s only a matter of time before these things materialize, small plebs.

Do not panic and never let them see you with pie on your face. Gentlemen never eat pie, only cake.

It’s earnings season, so anything can happen. But if we are to base our assumptions on history, we are going UP till the tax man comes.

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  1. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    Sure, and look on the bright side, crude is up yet again. We should tipple over $100/bbl soon. $100 roll crude, anyone?

  2. youknowitsme

    I’ll take hair pie over cake any day Le FLy.

  3. Cascadian

    Those days when i’m up 1.7% and the market is flat I tend to think I’m smarter than all you all.

  4. Fly Jr

    correction has begun. fade the fly

  5. Raul3

    I ate so much apple pie today like a good American.

  6. widespread panik

    VIX March calls are looking good! Up 40% in just a few days. Short term protection is not bad at this point, even though by March we may blast through the all time highs on the S&P and Dow.

  7. Nid

    Hate to say “it’s different…”, but rarely has history seen a period laced with the utter and complete bullshit that is the New Normal…when it has, it hasn’t been pretty.

  8. It Is Showtime

    Currencies are baskets right. So who is Japan screwing with the manic Yen pushing?

    We’re all printing. We’re printing. They’re printing. They’re printing. Anyone who thinks there are no repercussions from this is foolin’

    Not coming out on the 1-down day and saying ha ha. Just know Bernanke said subprime is contained. That all

  9. Edison Esteban

    If all your stocks go to $0 in unison, call me!

  10. Nouriel

    I added TZA into the close.

    • Nouriel

      Sold DXJ near the close today might pick it up lower tomorrow, depends on overall direction of market. Noticed that when Nikkei is up or down, DXJ follows direction on the following day, in general.


    Experienced traders-

    Why couldn’t one just sell a shitload of puts at a price of 0.02 per contract at a really low strike price for example selling 1000 GS 125 Puts for next week?

    Obviously, you can get severely fucked but more than likely, it would never drop that much. Please excuse my ignorance. I’m missing something fundamental about that.

  12. M

    REAL man’s meal – a fur burger and a packet of tits