Friday, December 9, 2016
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“The Fly” will be leaving the decadent Americas for the discipline of the samurai in Japan, effective immediately. After I rid myself of this VHC patent troll story, I will dive head first into a variety of well to do Japanese exporters. Just in case you’re wondering what Senor Tropicana aka “Samurai Horatio” will be doing this new year’s, just know that I will be trimming my bonsai trees, swigging down some hot, hot sake from tiny little tea cups (no homo).

There’s nothing left for me to do here in America. The lot of you are fat pigs, slobs, hellbent on ushering in a new era of idiocy, gun-less nonetheless. I will take no part in such debauchery. I envision myself shorting YEN, driving Honda Accords, decked out with swords, dressed like a fucking boss.

For the remainder of 2012, enjoy the combination of tax loss selling and profit taking under this very low tax rate.

Austerity is ahead gentlemen  and the winter is no longer coming, for it is here.

2013 will be the year of “The Fly”, yet again, forged in the same fires as the blades that united Japan.

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  1. redman59

    Great movie, reminded me of Dances With Wolves but of the Japanese and respectful samurai life. Winter is here indeed….literally as I look out my window.

  2. noodleboy

    The rise of the Samurai!

  3. 666743x

    Domo arigato Fly

  4. Testicules

    Matsui told us a week ago this New year was a growth year, the Target was More than double that of previous.

  5. Rhino

    LMFAO at “Samurai Horatio.” Shogun is on of my favourite novels of all time, as is the mini series.

  6. ultramarine


    • ultramarine

      Whoops, sorry, was trying to paste some Japanese text. Here’s the phonetic version:

      2013-Nen ni, ichiba wa hakase furai no teki kara chi to naiz? de aka ni narimasu. Wareware wa, subete d?i suru!

      • ultramarine

        Well, that failed, too. Here is what I was trying to paste in Japanese:

        “In 2013, the markets will be red by the blood and guts from Dr. Fly’s enemies. We all agree!!!”

  7. Bob the Builder

    If you’re in the Samurai movie mood, ’13 Assassins’ by Takeshi Miike is pretty good.

  8. Mr. Partridge

    Did you switch to Japanese tea or something?

  9. Zero Dark Kitty

    And now, another episode of “Samurai Delicatessen”

    If you like meth with your YEN try ProShares Ultra Short Yen: $YCS

    • Heaterman

      From the linked article above…..

      “While there is evidence that low interest rates/QE have boosted riskier asset prices,
      including equities, this does not seem to have fed into more expansive corporate
      behaviour. Why should this be?”

      The writer(s) went on to describe a couple nebulous economic possibilities but I think the matter of corporate expansion in hiring and equipment is rather simple.

      Any CEO worth his salt KNOWS that as of this moment the entire world economy is a teetering house of cards. They know that at some date, maybe soon maybe not. the final grain of sand will land on that house of cards and it is all going to come down. They are struggling mightily to amass and hoard every penny they can get their hands on an hold it against the future they foresee.
      They know there is no major growth anywhere not just for economic reasons but for demographic consideration also. There will be less “consumers” around and those that are will be living on $20K per year.

      • Ohthe BOMB

        Why is the world economy a “teetering house of cards”? The world has materials, labor, capital and technology coming out of its’ nose.

        • Heaterman


          “backed by the full faith and credit” carries little meaning anymore. The people of the USA are the “full faith and credit” of our country.
          When the world’s bond holders figure out that 47% of the previously mentioned full faith and credit have no discernible income all bets will be off.

  10. bobbin4apples

    VHC is not a $100 anymore?

  11. Sierra Water

    Nam-myoho-renge-kyo SIr Master Fly.. Your time has come. Everyone shall prepare to die a good death.

  12. Airborne

    When one expects higher rates in the coming year one sells to take gains in the present year and sells to take losses in the next year, unless of course you believe that everyone will be selling on Jan 2 which equals run for the lifeboats now.

    If you have a position with a gain you want to hold sell to take profit and repurchase immediately to establish a new position. Any good platform will do that for you on full auto while you stress out about the cliff.

  13. Leo

    Benihana bitchez..

  14. Randomness

    The currency wars are just getting started. Ben is looking at the East and getting pissed.

  15. JTU

    Are you planning on buying EWJ?