The Fly’s December, Expressed in ‘Chart Art’


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  1. Freddy Fishstcks

    Is it possible to do an overlay of the PPT? It would be interesting to see if there was any correlation.

  2. Very entertainling art. Sure to sell at Sotheby’s for several million. I guess the big red shark biting people represents some big brokerage firm manipulating the markets so as to swallow everyone’s money.

  3. I have noted this pattern for future reference, “Shark taking the Dignified Gentleman’s Arm off clean”, as I want to avoid the same situation in the future (and keep my appendages intact).

  4. Obviously influenced by Basquiat. ;)

  5. Wow. Even Rupert Murdoch wants to ban automatic weapons. Maybe because he is from Australia, which had its violent crime go down after enacting gun control laws. So there is actually one corporate lobbying organization that he does not lavish 100% support on, the NRA.

    BTW, Happy Holidays to all.

    • I am finished trying to fight for amendments. Take them all away.

    • Ho Ho Ho you fucking leftard asshat. Just once Frog. Have an opinion that is NOT in the faggot handbook. You must know that you are a fucking joke in these hallowed halls.

      • In the spirit of the holidays may you have an actual brain implanted in your skull. Thought when done without help is a wonderful thing.

  6. Only thing I would have added to the art work is a dog dropping a steaming load or just peeing on the Mayan-Pirate Admiral

  7. I see a very pronounced Cock & Balls formation in your chart..

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