Monday, December 5, 2016
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Fly Buy: JIVE

I added to my JIVE position.

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  1. zookini

    Sit down, TLT

  2. donker

    DECK seems to be bottoming out

  3. Sierra Water

    AUNFF & HL.. good times over here.. Printing money. I hope some of you, gentlemen only, took notice a few months ago when I laid it out HL Sub $4 and AUNFF sub .90.

  4. Frog

    I was too late for the last blog’s comments about the reaction to the anti-Muslim film.

    People are seldom fighting & killing about what they say they are fighting & kiling about.

    Powerful people in the Middle East seem to acquire more power by playing a game of “Let’s you and him fight– in order to benefit me.” The film probably did make Muslims angry but was also an excuse to powerful extremists to get people attacking people at the U.S. consulate. Maybe the attackers and the demonstrators were even paid.

    BTW, here are some photos of some peaceful Muslim holding signs to express this. It is not at all fair to think of all Muslims as violent.

    • TraderCaddy

      Looks to me like many of the signs have the same “style” (block) of writing and identical signs being held by different people.
      I say they were passed out (probably by the government) and these people don’t even know what they say.

      • Frog

        There is no reason why every sign would need to be different, instead of identical ones being handed out to those who want them. But I guess if you really need to think that no Muslims are peaceful, then you can always find some reason to believe that.

    • L.K.W.

      I just wish the wars of the weak and imbecile classes would not affect the rest of us. Why waste film on calling anyone’s prophet an idiot? It is of the same mentality as burning a Koran, essentially.

  5. Stan and Greg

    Sucking cock into the close!

  6. JTU

    It should have been a good day and in the early going a lot of my holdings were poised for substantial gains!
    Then NewsFlash! S&P warns 20-25% chance of U.S. going into recession!

  7. Frog

    BTW, speaking of strongly held beliefs that make no sense, it turns out that Romney is the kind of leech he claims 47% of Americans are.

    Romney himself is the kind of leech who he himself claims will vote for Obama because he wants handouts.

    We taxpayers bailed out Romney’s business. How could any real independent business man, who does not expect to be bailed out, respect this man?

  8. L.K.W.

    Wut??? Shockwave crashed??

  9. L.K.W.

    I’m sure the tech guy will remedy this soon.

  10. L.K.W.

    Just clownin . That’s what ya’ll do here, right?