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Fly Buy: ACF

I bought 2,000 ACF @ $11.74.

UPDATE: I bought 8,000 shares @ $11.76

Disclaimer: If you buy ACF because of this post, by accident, your car will be repossessed. And, you may lose money.

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Bull vs. Bears

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C1jZzEhHeU 450 300]

“I like that ring too.”

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Fly Buy: VMI

I bought 1,000 VMI @ $79.74.

Disclaimer: If you buy VMI because of this post, you may never win Chinese lotto. And, you may lose money.

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Bears Shine Bulls’ Shoes

My stocks are on fucking fire, again.

Thanks to “The Fly’s” refurbished time machine, he went long CFC and SPF, two days ago. As you know, both stocks are “deballing” the shorts today.

Additionally, my positions in VMW, AAPL, RIMM, FTK, GRMN are all making their way significantly higher.

While it’s true, “The Fly” is known for being a “dick” or an “arrogant prick” when his stocks go up, his IQ (155) is still higher than yours.

Oh, by the way, VMI will print $100, once sanity sets in. The stocks is cheap as balls and should be bought, in size, regardless of how poor you may be.

Finally, my JCG position just conducted an “unsolicited sex change” on those who short it.

As always, developing…

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Tips Are for Waiters

TIF up in pre-market, on good earnings. “The Fly” will be covering his ridiculous short.

For those of you who said “hey asshole, never bet against the rich man,” bravo and fuck you.

In other news, the bears will be decapitated today.

Much more on this later.

UPDATE: Tanner men than you (CFC) have up stocks this a.m.

UPDATE II: TIF reversed. Tips are for brokers too.

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Asian Stocks Running with No Socks, in Early Trade

By the way, Woodshedder purposefully requested the term “get more wood” title his previous two posts, on the front page.

Somewhat gay, no?

NOTE: This post will be hitting google news shortly.

NOTE II: Oh yeah, aside from China, Asian markets are up about 1.3%, in early trade.

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Bulls Digest Bears

A rather benign day.

God willing, the bears will get coal for Christmas, enabling the bulls to get drunk, throw “rich man’s whiskey” around the dinner table, while eating large quantities of high end chop meat.

Once again, “The Fly” was busy, on the phone all day, talking to richer people than you. I can tell you, people are thinking opportunistically, sifting through the carnage—elbowing into beaten up tech and financials.

Today, I enjoyed big dicked gains in FTK, CFC, SPF, LFT, VMW, FMCN and CN.

Also, as you know, I sold short TIF, and bought some DCR (inverse oil).

All in all, today was a “best case scenario” for the bulls. Should the rally continue, saddle up to beaten down basic material stocks, like RS, X and ATI.

Finally, this VMI fucker must move. It’s impossible that LNN is near new highs, while this “waste of alphabet letters” sucks crack pipe.

Once again, top pick is VMI.

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