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Position Update: MVIS

“The Fly” is giving the internet investor class, however small it may be, a green light to buy MVIS.

According to my “calculator brain,” MVIS should “run” until the first week of January, starting yesterday.

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this confident with the stock.

The risk/reward ratio is definitely in favor of MVIS longs here. I anticipate to book more stock, early next week.

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Potatoes and Doughnuts

This trading session is all but over.

The bears, once again, have been eviscerated, unable to mount a raid.

However, there is marked weakness in select financial names, like ACF, CFC and FMD.

Additionally, the MVIS rally has failed, once again, and is in danger of pissing off all of its shareholders—sometime today.

Instead of sitting at your bullshit desk from staples, go eat some deep fried potatoes, with a side order of doughnuts. There is nothing to see or do here, until next week.

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Still Going

Some stocks are in a world of their own.

Look at GME.

Despite the weak consumer and rich valuation, the stock keeps going higher. Also, it is widely believed that gaming is resistant to economic slow downs.

Fund managers can’t get enough of the stock.

I can spit out a quick list of 52 week highs, but why bother?

Plus anyway, I’m too busy eating eggs with hashbrowns, than to go dig up meaningless data for a group of fucktards.

Just know, when stocks get “annointed” by wall street, they tend to bounce back faster than others, post market correction.

That’s why “The Fly” is not trying to get “cute” or “fancy” with his recent picks. He’s falling back on what has worked in the past, mainly because it’s the end of the year and nobody gives a shit about fundamentals.

It’s all about getting drunk, while throwing heavy hand tools at your trader/servant.

As for today’s trading:

Thus far it looks like we are setting up for a minor pullback, with chinese related names leading the way down. However, I would not sell short anything here. There is a better than average chance we will hit new highs, by year end.

Currently, there is weakness in many of the financials, with COF leading the pack of spastic retards.

For the most part, with the exception of AXP, the DOW looks solid.

Finally, looking for new ideas, I believe the internet advertising space is a good place to put money, ahead of the 2008 Presidential elections. As you know, there will be a “recockulous” amount of money spent on internet advertising, over the next 12 months.Without a doubt, both VCLK and OMTR will be in play.

NOTE: The MVIS CES run has begun.

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Position Updates: HANS

via Briefing:

HANS Hansen Natural: Initiation Details (47.26 )
  As mentioned at 6:28 UBS initiated HANS with a Buy and a $58 tgt saying in spite of explosive growth in the last two years, they believe HANS can continue to grow through a combination of category growth, share gains and international expansion. The firm ests the combination of these three prongs should deliver 20.0% and 27.6% revenue and EPS CAGR respectively through 2010. Despite this growth, firm notes HANS shares are trading at approx 18x their 09 est EPS.

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Asshat of the Week Award: Rick Santelli

Its been awhile since I’ve issued one of these trophies, mainly due to a “severe trophy shortage” in rich parts of southern Manhattan.

Basically, I’ve wanted to give Rick an “asshat trophy” for many weeks now. He’s been unbearably bearish, talking his book non-stop. Plus, he’s in dire need of corrective dental work.

But, that’s not why he’s getting this fucking trophy.

The reason why I’m overnighting Rick this award is due to some blog rumor, which stated Rick had made reference, on CNBC, to “Chinese blogs” being upset over something rather opaque. Who knows?

Considering China’s “free speech policy,” the whole Chinese blog argument holds zero water in the “non-crazy person world.” In other words, Rick believes the shit that is written in the “Weekly World News.”

Now, you (internet leech) must be thinking: “hey, this guy Fly makes a rather specious argument for this award,” considering thousands of people have been abducted by space invaders— who also believe the shit that is written on suspect/opaque Chinese blogs.

My answer to you, as always, is: “naturally, go fuck yourself, in the middle of an opium field, somewhere north of Kochiano.”

In short, Mr. “bear-bond bitch” Santelli deserves this award, ahead of tomorrows job numbers, with all of its glorious trimmings of asshattery.

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Bulls Go Medieval on Bears

What a fucking day.

Thanks to my timely buys, “The Fly” was up more than 3% today, partly due to Santa Claus and his fucking elves mud stomping the sellers.

My biggest winners included: CFC, SPF, ACF, GMXR, FTK, BWLD and GLF.

Basically, if you’re short the market, you’re fucked. There is no way to stop this momentum train.

Fuck around and start shorting here; your house will get foreclosed on.

Finally, with my money, at the end of the day, I bought another 20,000 shares of ACF, betting on a squeezy squeeze.

Also, I intend to buy some more MVIS, first thing tomorrow morning.

NOTE: What happened to all those “Dow Theory” retards?

Oh yeah, they’re dead.

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Don’t Bet Against the Government

We have a full rout of the bears taking place, as investors reload, shoot, reload again.

The homies and all credit related names are taking off, thanks to the President’s bail out proposal.

In short, this is a major benefit to the homebuilders, who will likely be viewed as “more stable” and get access to the credit markets, with ease.

All thanks to the Gov’t.

With my money, I have open positions in ACF, CFC, SPF and CORS.

This is a good shoe. Milk it, then move on.

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