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Red Light/Green Light

Feel free to go ahead, get drunk, smoke some crack, while shorting egregiously expensive stocks.

From my vantage point, the market is now 15% overvalued, thanks to the inordinate amount of dumb money sloshing around.

The following trades will be executed, immediately:

Long [[DGP]], [[SMN]], [[SRS]], [[SKF]] and [[SSG]].

In addition, short [[TSCM]], short [[WM]], short [[LEH]] and short [[MON]].

The kitchen sink approach, if you will.


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The Planet is Going to Explode

It’s too late to jump into the rally, you damn rubes. Look, if you’re like me, all stupid and shit, short stocks in a squeeze, chalk one up for the bulls. Don’t go chasing stocks up here, like it’s 1998 again.

What are you mentally ill?

Sometimes it’s important to accept the fact that you were wrong. You missed the rally. Don’t compound the first mistake by covering and going long.

Retards do that.

When the pain is unbearable, the market makes fast directional shifts—effectively deballing those who switched sides. Meaning: you will cover now, buy some [[FSLR]], [[BIDU]] and [[AA]], then the market will collpase, due to “profit taking”— taking your stupid money with it.

So, to sum things up:

If you caught this rally: good for you. Now go die.

I’ll just sit here, patiently, waiting for the planet to explode.

…any minute now.

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Here it Comes!

Do you hear that?

Do you smell it?

It’s coming fucker.

What am I alluding to?


Stay tuned.

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I can’t wait to see the terms of the [[WM]] financing. How in the world did they manage to raise 5 billion?

Well done, “Wamu.”

As for today’s trade:

Do I really have to do this? I mean, you all know how angry I am, seeing bullshit thrown on the wall and sticking. All of my favorite enemies are higher, including the “ag plays.” I’m over here shorting food stocks, while the world is dying of famine. Well done, dick.

After the close, the spastic retards from [[AA]] will fuck up their earnings. They always do. I do not think they were able to deal with the spike in electricity prices, which is a key expense in producing aluminum.

However, aside from that, everything goes higher, thanks to all the “liquidity” in the system. Ho-hum.

Last night, after visiting some family in the middle parts of Pennsylvania, “The Fly” was stalked by some sort of maniacal truck driver, on his way back to NYC.

Apparently, the truck driver didn’t like it when I trailed him with my fucking beamers flashing in his stupid face. Upon passing him, the asshole tailed me, switching lanes, blinking his lights, the whole 9 yards. Egregious shit.

If my family wasn’t in the car, I would have pulled over and played “Joey Baseball Bat” on his head.

All I kept thinking about was how I wished my car had been armed with sidewinder missiles, so that I could blow that fucker into the woods. After about 50 miles, I outmaneuvered him, and left that loser in the dust.

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People Are Rich, Where I Live

Quick report:

I just returned from the mall, where 16 year old kids drive 2008 Porsche Cayenne’s and buy all sorts of egregious shit. For many months, my retail contacts have told me: “OMG, the depression has befallen us.”

Now, all of a sudden, they say: “It’s too busy. Why aren’t people going outside and stuff. I’d wish they would.”

This, as you can readily understand, is most concerning to me. It appears, by some sort of Government magic, folks have replenished their credit cards and have forgotten about the great depression we are in.

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Dow 30,000? UPDATE: Dow 3,000?

Charts pending, sometime this weekend.

UPDATE: More good news for the ‘good guys.’

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nm3Q5aEoiG4 450 300]


[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tebO2v3qBVY 450 300]

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Go Ahead, Keep Betting Against Me

See where it gets you, fuckface. I’ve been doing this shit, quite successfully, for a number of years. I do not lose.

Even the fuckers who I employ on this site, Woodcheddar, Danny, Alpha and RC, are bullish. Help me out here, I’m fucking surrounded by maniacs.

It’s “The Fly” and Gunners versus the rest of you “door bell fuckers.” Watch closely, over the next three weeks, as I punch off your mustache and steal your purse, bitch.

Aside from that, I gave back more than 10% of my hard fought gains this week. Those aren’t “oh, gee, I messed up honey” type of losses. They’re man losses. I take losses like a fucking man.

However, I am confident a few things will materialize, over the next week or so.

For one, I believe the faux euphoria of 19 billion dollar writedowns and egregious job losses will fade, enabling the sellers to regain control. Also, if most believe the total number of writedowns will exceed 600 billion, I am confident that being 1/3rd out of the way is not grounds for a bottom.

Finally, I planned the Final Four contest with precision. I shorted [[WM]] because I felt a confluence of events would cause a dramatic loss in shareholder value. Thus far, I’ve been right. Come Monday, “The Fly” will be even more right.

Top pick: short [[FED]]

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Late Day Thought

Is cocaine an “ag play”?

The farmers of cocaine need fertilizer too, no?

Poor coke suppliers must be getting squeezed.

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