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Good Sirs

Last week I recounted to you exactly what would transpire with the semiconductors, giving you ample time to make arrangements, yet there you are bogged down heavily with losses, stupefied and dumbed down by the main stream financial media.

At any rate, I’m not trying to urinate on your gay parade, since I too own them. I even bought some $TSM in a long term account today, feeeeeeling it might bust loose again and attain legendary status by joining the elite club of companies with market caps over $1t. However, just in case, I am also 12% weighted in $SOXS, short the semis, because God knows they’re deserving of a brief, yet somewhat malevolent, decline. That much I can assure you. There is going to be a most heinous drop soon and none of you are going to like it, lest you’re short of course.

Is now a good time to step in and but the dip?

Sir, the semis are still up 12% for June and was up 12% in May. Dare I suggest you look into other areas of the market and quit microfocusing on $NVDA and $AMD? I know AI and Bitcoin and alluring and I realize the industry is undergoing rapid growth; but just think for a second about previous market routs and how you felt “in the shit” bogged into losses akin to ruin.

To be clear, I am still bullish and would prefer not to have even a single down day, but things are stretched here and the downside in the $SMH can be swift and mean if you’re not careful.

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