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Happy Juneteenth

I stand before you victorious, +78bps, hedged with a 12% position in $SOXS because I know for a fact the semis are teetering and will soon crescendo into a deep and varied crevasse, whereby all of you reading this will be confused as to how it could happen. The laws of mathematics confronts you, eager to sort these things out. Markets cannot do this forever and the semis cannot gain 5% per day without pausing and crashing for brief sojourns into hell.

Much of this stuff I just make up on the fly, sort of like Juneteenth being a relevant holiday. After all, it’s fun to pretend and we all just want to fit in.

Black Americans enjoy a good life filled with happiness and success, just like anyone else. But they aren’t special and they aren’t victims and they should not be treated like children.

We all earn our way during this brief life and some of us remain amazed and awed by the specter of materialism. I am not immune to the allure of shiny new things, items that I once believed would change my life for the better. They’re like little talismans, purchased for the purposes of increasing happiness. Perhaps this new shirt will impress someone and help me get laid. Or, maybe if I wore those $900 shoes people might think I’m rich and smart and want me to be their friends, especially since I drive in that big old expensive Benz.

This is literally how people justify living vacuous lives, obsessed with things that do not hold real value. I can segue this into what real value is and lecture you to the both of us are annoyed. Not everyone is suited to be a parent and some of us should not breed, for various reasons. Some of us might have a greater calling, to create or to influence, meld society for the betterment of many.

Whatever message you choose to take from this, just know that I try to communicate to help and because of my human flaws; I often project anger. This is because I hate a lot of people and seek vengeance. But none of you are my targets and I wish you well and your families, especially heading into a free holiday by our government scum. If you think about it, Juneteenth is the perfect government mandated holiday and I will use it to have myself a great BBQ, filled with chickens and cows and all sort of veggies, perhaps collards, finished off with some melons.

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  1. metalleg

    Excellent stuff. Have yourself a Happy Juneteenth. Or is it Merry Juneteenth? Or should it be treated like Memorial Day? It’s not appropriate to say Happy Memorial Day. I need some direction as to how to address others on Juneteenth.

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