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The server is apparently fried, likely due to my mean tweets and the fact I am prone to yelling at customers. The Gods are obviously teaching me a lesson in humility and have stripped me of my Stocklabs, which makes is very hard for me to trade. After all, it’s all I use to trade and haven’t the slightest idea how to manage without it. That being said, as the servers get fixed and hopefully come back online soon, I will live blog trade here.

Here are my positions into the opening bell. I will update this blog when I sell them. New buys will be initiated and updated below until it gets too cumbersome and then I’ll start a new blog.

6% weight on all positions unless stated otherwise

BITX sold 47.96
QCOM sold 209.9
TSM sold 156.56
TGT sold 151.93
BAC sold 39.98
HD sold 331.51
FAST sold 65.97
ADM sold 61.95
EBAY sold 53.98
RTX sold 107.66
BJ sold 87.3
HAL sold 36.5
BOOT sold 122.37
EXPE sold 114.23
CL sold 92.35
ULTA sold 391.4
KHC sold 35.21

+0.6% pre market.

Bought $BYON 15.73 sold 15.77

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  1. Dr. Fly

    Big time rotation out of risk adverse into risk. I sold off all the risk adverse stuff

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