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After the close, big tech hot shot $DELL is reporting earnings. Aside from $NVDA, this has been one of the hottest stocks in the market, up 125% the past 6 months. They’re not making PCs en masse anymore like some of you retards believe, but servers. They inked a deal with $NVDA and dubbed it “Project Helix” and since then the fucking stock has been swimming with $NVDA like chum swims with sharks, grabbing some scraps in the wake of the chip giant.

I will not be playing the earnings tonight because I am not in a position to exert risk. During today’s trading session, I managed to erase my losses and go green for a short while, but now I am knifing lower gain, off by 15bps.

I did cleave off my highest beta holdings, but still possess some, like $COIN and $BITX. I think this tape looks constructive. But, like I said earlier, I am in no position to gamble now whilst my fucking nose is beaten into a nub and my eyes blackened from the market. I’d like to, if perhaps at all possible, not lose money today.

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