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Let me be clear: I do not like being toyed with. I find myself publishing the same Iranian war threats for the past week and grow weary. I’d also not like to see war, if I’m being serious. Because war afflicts the innocent and I’d prefer people to live in peace, building for the future of mankind, rather than be relegated into to senseless conflict.

NEVERTHELESS, we are here, a place where man has been countless times throughout history — on the precipice of war.

As investors: how do we protect ourselves?

It’s simple: you hedge against your longs with inverse etfs, such as $TZA, $SQQQ or $UVIX. I have in my strategic long term account $SQQQ $FAZ and oils with 15% cash. Hedges should be used to hedge, not to be instruments of greed. Take profits when you can and try to remember, even when things look the bleakest, ultimately markets are designed to go higher.

I closed out my trading hedges in $FAZ and $UVIX and only possess $BITX and oil stocks now with 63% cash, proven to be right, +75bps for the session so far.

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  1. soupbone

    We’re getting some hype in the media. That embassy annex hit was surgical in precision and no doubt spoiled a meeting involving the Iranian proxy battle against Isreal specifically, making it fair game. Iran will be very careful to respond in kind else all hell will break loose.

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