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Situated for a Bounce on Monday

I am not a believer in gigantic Iranian attacks, based simply off recent historical events. Nations who work via proxies are inherently cowardice and I expect some sort of normalcy next week. Because of this, I took a net long position over the weekend, but not without hedges. I have some $TZA and $UVIX just in case — not enough to stem the tides of world war — but enough to contain any true panic to the downside.

I closed the session +55bps and this is where I tend to shine, gaining whilst you are losing — never drawing down and maintaining a sense of decorum even in the face of tragedy.

I wasn’t always this good and used to fall victim to my caprices, a younger Fly loaded with too much testosterone making bets to demonstrate the size of my penis. As the years waxed on and things became clearer to me, I learned to moderate myself and not fall prey to folly and tricks and gambits.

I remain obstinate in the face of crumbling facades — the one true pillar of excellent in all of finance that you can depend on to offer excellent advice, at the low cost of me insulting you with very mean words and insults directed at your person and all of the people you hold dear.

Have a great weekend.

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