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Back to Recourd Highs — Just Getting Started Here

There are those amongst you (please step forward) who will say $NVDA, $ARM, $SMCI, $SHIB are ‘just getting started’ and will attempt to cajole others to ‘board the train before it leaves.’ The fact of the matter is, we are in the 8th inning, if not later, of this run. We have cracks already in the Magnificent 7, with shares of $GOOGL and $AAPL leading weakness to the downside.

Nevertheless, I cannot outright sell short without upside hedges — because during market manias logic is suspended and momentum is all that matters. I am 12% weighted $BITX, positioning for another GIGASPIKE through record highs tonight. And I am hedged via $SOXS and $LABD — because fuck the semiconductors and fuck science.

I gained +72bps today and closed at all time recourd highs. I have been at recourd highs for many months now, rarely going a few days without a surge. For those who believe me to be locked in only due to an accommodative market, I entreat you to read the archives and learn that I’ve been locked in since birth.

At some point investors will come to learn the Fed isn’t cutting rates and markets will price it in. I want you to understand my mental state that is juxtaposed against the physical. I lean long and have made money long and will lean long 90% of the time, only because that’s where the prevailing winds are blowing. My feelings can never get in the way of my actions, and so I allocate into a burning building hoping to escape the flames and retard the fires long enough to tell a tale about it.

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