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Finished the Day NET SHORT

I felt the market would recover into the bell and it did, for the most part. And then I had visions of $SMCI surging tomorrow, leading the small cap index higher — luring back in traders and rewarded the sub 90 IQ HODLers with gains. I was about to cover my short until I felt sick by the specter of it — since I hate these people and want them to lose.

I doubled my short position and closed NET SHORT into tomorrow with bets against the Nasdaq, Russell, and the fucking biotech index. Even though I think there is a 50/50 chance for recovery tomorrow, I could not permit myself to lose out on the chance of pinning the market down on its knees and executing it with swift and elegant movements of retribution.

America deserves ZERO BID trading and, eventually, on a long enough timeline, everyone gets what they deserve.

I finished down 20bps for my fealty to the bearish cause and look forward to making it all back and much more tomorrow.

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