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Good afternoon —

You thought you’d ride $SMCI to $2,000 and beyond but instead it’s going to zero. All of your dreams and aspirations have been SHATTERED across the rocks of reality. This isn’t the Apple Vision Pro 4-d augmented type either — but real life once in a lifetime gameday and you’re blowing it.

The fact of the matter is, you’re not serious people. I know this first hand from dealing with the public all of my adult life — seemingly intelligent people with skills unable to make basic decisions about their investments.

LOOK AT ME — +9bps for the session and in a 100% cash positions, waiting in the tall grass, EAGERLY, looking for prey. I’ve been doing this for so long it comes natural to me. I didn’t want to trade the morning session because it’s rife with cataclysm and trickery, games played by the riggers to take all of your money, and much more.

I will soon re-enter the tape and I see where the trends are and aren’t. We have LOW BETA stocks like $GIS and $CAG up whilst all of the cool growth is bogged down heavily and sloppily into the sewers. Also, breadth is a respectable 45% which leads me to believe there is a 20 green candle rally not too far towards the horizon.

While today is a COLLAPSE in both the NASDAQ and Russell, there is moderation elsewhere. A little air is being let out of the riskiest quartiles of the market, which of course is natural and healthy. I used to hate when people would say “this is a healthy sell off” when I was a younger man and now I am older and telling it to you. What are you going to do about it, old sport?

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