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The Tucker-Putin Interview is Bullish

When the Ukraine war first started I was almost convinced Russia not only had designs on Ukraine — but the baltics. As the war progressed, I felt for sure Warsaw deserved to be entangled into the war too, as well as NATO — for the simple fact that their actions were hostile to Russia.

Whether it be due to the stiffer than expected Ukrainian resistance coupled with the amount of weapons America sent them to wage war with Russia — or the fact that Putin never had ideas of expanding the war in the first place and this was all a figment in my imagination — one thing is indelibly clear after watching tonight’s historical Tucker Carlson interview with Putin:

He (Putin) is an extremely well balanced and a deeply intelligent politician who seems to take a third level thinking approach to leadership — unlike the fools in DC today. You can see that he loves his country and will do what is right for Russia and not for himself or special interests. In a sense, and this is why conservatives in the west like Putin so much, we are jealous to not have a leader who loves our countries as much as Vlad loves his. He is working for the glory of Russia and the Russian people in a long tail strategy, contrary to what we get in the west almost every single day by politicians who brazenly operate under nefarious methods and whose allegiances seem to be everywhere else but America.

I’m not sure if Russians feel the same about Putin as conservatives in the US, since the grass is always greener paradox works in both directions; but one thing I was convinced by, and I hope these words do not come back to haunt me, is that Putin seems extremely open to peace talks and the idea of the war expanding seems to be solely in the hands of the nutcases in the DC — which may be something I need to think about further in regards to its impacts on markets.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that the west will not engage Russia (at least not now), not out of cowardice or lack of gumption — but the non-negotiable fact that western military production isn’t even close to compete with Russia. This can change, contrary to many on X who seem to pretend that the west isn’t able to wage world war. It is and it can do it again. Just before World War 2, Britain had about 75,000 troops in total and mobilized pretty quickly to a peak force of 3 million. At any rate, I don’t believe the interview revealed anything we didn’t already know, other than the fact that Vlad seems very unshaken and in control of his emotions — which of course is a good thing when considering the alternative.

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