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Don’t Be Mad at Stocks

If you’re hating the direction the nation is heading and commingle those thoughts with shorting the stock market — you are too far head of the game. While it’s true, the macro events happening inside the nation will eventually wreak havoc writ large in the market, please remember there are nations like Brazil out there with 65,000 murders per annum whose stock market, on occasion, is the envy of the world.

There is social cohesion and then there is commerce. One uncomfortable fact is the correlation between population growth, wages, and GDP. The more people we bring in, the lower the wages go and the more consumption of goods occurs. In a sense, the more migrants we accept into America the faster we’ll grow and all of the low skill low wage jobs will be filled by people of the desperate type.

None of this takes into account quality of life or social cohesion and crime. Simply put, America and most of the west are large swaths of land comprised of economic zones, to be managed in an authoritarian method to compel the socialistic policies for ultimate control of systems.

My ultimate point is, do not look at the stock market to affirm your grim outlook for Pax Americana. These are long tail trends that may take decades to manifest itself. Meanwhile, American people possess an extraordinary amount of wealth and ingenuity. It still is the cradle of innovation on planet earth and it’s a damned shame they’re punishing the people of this nation with policies that make them less safe and generally insecure.

High beta stocks ar +3.5% for the session, a ribald return that speaks to a high degree of risk underway.

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