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Riding into the Last Day of January a Champion

Good day —

Whilst I did not receive an airdrop of $300k for a fucking NFT, I did manage to make some money in the session, +33bps in an otherwise grim tape. Most of my colleagues out there reading this now were dispatched and bogged heavily into losses — swimming in a sea of Red.

This is where the wheat separates from the chaff and the reason why “The Fly” manages such grandiose returns year in and year out: I am never tricked or fooled and rarely miss out on any fun.

Into tomorrow, I am 100% long — mostly an array of very high priced securities. Sure, I do risk a drawdown — but nothing that I am unable to handle in real time. Play time is over and only serious men doing serious things, such as managing an elite trading room in Stocklabs, will make it through the fires and beyond.

Most of you reading this now will be washed out CLEAN by year end and never trade again, chalking it up to a “rigged game” and how it was impossible to beat the big bad bankers. Well, I have been beating the shit out of the big bad bankers every fucking year since I started doing this and find no reason, whatsoever, why you cannot do the same.

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