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Market Risk is Heavily On

Mrs. Fly has me undertaking projects in my youth I’d rage aloud in bitter scorn over — as it would take away my most valuable time — time from which I could use in a professional undertaking to earn more money. However, I am now open to the idea of wasting my time on idol projects, becoming an amateur carpenter and laying down tiles. Doing these tasks is of course TRIVIAL and any moron can do it. However, to do it right, like anything else — it requires experience and I never wanted to spend my time learning something that merely saved me money — since I’d much prefer to pay someone to do it and use my time to make money. As to the reason why I am receptive now, I feel lit lies in the fact that I really do not feel like dealing with bastard contractors in the house and their fucking trivialities.

My wife truly loves DIY projects, something I truly loathe. But at this point in my life, I believe I loathe contractors much more.

I haven’t traded much today, other than sell everything by 11:30am. I sold $RUM for a fantastic gain — but kept it in my strategic portfolio, in spite being up 17% from cost.

My daily gains are as follows:

Trading +66bps
Quant +100bps
Strategic +150bps
Tesla/Uber Focus +150bps

I am not a genius for these achievements, as High Beta stocks are higher by 2.3% for the session. YTD or MTD, whichever you prefer, we have an wide chasm between the tera caps and risky trading names. The MAG 7 are +9%, whilst the high beta index is -8.8%. It might be alluring to you, the contrarian loser, to wade into down stocks now and heave heavily into small caps. But this, like many other decisions you make, is most likely folly.

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