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If you glanced at me trading yesterday or a member of Stocklabs inside of our BASED live trading room — you might’ve thought ‘this man is ruining himself and on the verge of blowing up’ — but the exact opposite occurred. I bogged myself heavily int losses of the largess varietal — down by 2.2% at the session lows. But instead of acquiescing to the unfavorable easterly winds, I leaned in and bought more — reducing my losses to just 1.2% for yesterday’s session.

Overnight, it appeared I was to be dispatched by the morning, as futures languished lower and my exposure was 135% of equity. But as fate would have it, as it always does, I ended up wantonly victorious — closing the session +55bps.

My bias is for freedom — long $RUM and some other names — traded $DWAC today and made money twice in it. I get the sense that the tides have shifted and very soon dark clouds will bellow atop the Biden administration and very soon, once deposed, prisons will be filled with registered democrats and others of their ilk — men and women who have worked to destroy the nation shall be destroyed themselves.

Trials will of course be for show.

I’m optimistic about the future and that ought to be priced in — Pax Americana armed to the hilt — angered and seeking justice. Perhaps in a best case scenario we can annex northern Mexico and keep our political prisoners there.

Food for thought.

See you catamites on Monday.

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