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Grinch Like Reversal

Markets don’t like these prices and have punished those who chased into the morning fray. We are seeing a plunge in the very risk on names I alluded to in my earlier post, whence I claimed to have visions of the future and me in it celebrating amidst pomp and circumstance. Do not fear for me, as I am only off by 20bps. I have a hedge in place and want to assure you that I am a professional of the highest standing and will not be tricked.

I will tell you this — if you’re chancing upon this market slipping deeper into the crevasse, perhaps losing an arm along the way — you have another thing coming pal. The magical hour from 2pm to 3pm looms in the not so distant future, sporting a 75% win rate since November.


I have an urge to apply massive risk in order to achieve a feeling of success. It’s not about the money, since I’ll never take any out of the market. But, I will not do it. You have my word. I will stay the course and plod along quietly in the tall grass, eagerly waiting for a baby zebra to separate from the pack, at which point I will mercilessly chase it down and sever its stupid zebra head from its stupid zebra body and then I’ll eat it for all of the other zebras to watch in horror, as I satiate my desire for success.

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