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Morning Collapse Leads to Rally: SHOCKER

I’m not falling for this rally shit. The NASDAQ was hammered at the open and ran straight the fuck up since then. I just can’t help myself but to HATE the market. Something must be wrong with me.

I have a $TZA position against some longs and am down only 10bps — but there is a fire inside of me that wants to place it all on SQQQ and then pray for its downfall. But don’t worry — I am a professional and would never do anything reckless.

There isn’t anything to analyze with this tape. We have all of the information needed to draw conclusions. Now it’s simply up to money flow and sentiment. At the moment it seems the GLOBOHOMO is ascendent, creating gays at an industrial rate all overt the west — whilst at the same time genociding the whites. Some whites are really mad about it — but about half have been psyop’d into not only accepting their own liquidation but embrace it. What else can I say?

For the remainder of the session, I intend to be active — pressing larger bets into the close. I have been trading carefully because my gains are +7% and I’ve always hated squandering gains more than anything else. I can more easily accept losing 5% of a month than squandering a 5% gain and closing flat. I’d rather lose money than blow a lead.

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