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Good day —

I’m here in Bay Ridge Brooklyn now where the women are in FULL BURQA attire and I’m not even mad at it. You can either see whores clad with nothing, trannies with rainbow hair, or conservative women in Burqas. Your call.

I made 44bps today because I was short biotech and really hate the market. If rates are heading up, you’d be wise to sell short or face the horrors of a bottomless pit of a market.

Let me remind you — things are worse than you think and the fucking Ukrainians are being attrited to the point of absolute collapse. As such, NATO is in danger of becoming a grandiose laughing stock and with it the merchants of death who rule over it.

Hopefully in our lifetime we can see America freed from the occupation it’s under and we can once again hate on each other for the merits or de-merits of our person, casting behind identify politics and runaway individualism.

Off to dinner. I’ll be back to fill trading tomorrow.

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