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Just Back From Walking of the Dogs

I was trading from my dog walk — selling stocks ripping higher whilst dodging out from the way of the Mexican lawnmowers. I see the market is rallying like a great whore today and this suits me just fine. I’m up 65bps and have 66.6% cash — because I too like to play games with numbers.

I added to my Bitcoin today — because fuck the US govt. I finished reading Camille by Dumas last night and truly hate him for writing such a sad novel. It was excellent — but very sad — like WTF sad. I’ll probably sober up to a Hemingway book next. I’m also listening to Grant by Chernow and the more I listen the more I hate Grant — what an alcoholic piece of shit.

On the war front, it appears the Ukrainians broke their own dam and blamed Russia for it. I see a lot of people tossing around the words “war crimes” when referring to this war. I’d like to remind you there is no such thing as specific war crimes. War itself is a crime. Ergo, when partaking in war there are varying degrees of severity but all is a crime. Do you mean to say, for example, the fire bombing of Dresden which targeted civilians is less of a ‘war crime’ or even in the same league with busting of a dam in an area mostly evacuated? I think not. The whole scheme is coming to a head soon. You can sense the desperation of the NATO homos attempting to paint rainbow nazi flags onto willing sacrifices in the UKR army.

Back to stocks: still bullish.

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  1. flea

    According to a graphic on ZH, “this hydroelectric dam is the only crossing in the area and serves as the source for a vital canal that delivers water south to Crimea.”

    The Ukes did it.

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