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Nearly every single time I go on vacation markets careen lower, causing me to panic and forced to divert attention away from all of the beauty and splendors of exotic attractions and food to the evils of stocks. Since I’m going away for 15 days starting Wednesday, it’s fair to assume something very terrible will happen when I’m there.

I know what you’re thinking: “this narcissistic piece of shit thinks the simulation revolves around him.” This is precisely true, actually. You’re all side characters in this AI program, digging holes, playing the fool on Twitter, etc. I fully expect a global financial meltdown to occur within a fortnight.

Early going, SAAS and select commodities look ok. When SAAS is stromg the market usually does well. However, I think the market looks very terrible and will be happy to short it soon.

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  1. john galt

    Hope the trip checks every box. Feels like a sort of experience we’re in (you signed up for the banking dream), gotta be more than what is created to distract people. The simulation would be a huge let down if that’s the point of it right?

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