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A Great Fuckery is Upon You

CVNA is up another 22% — at the same time various regionals knife lower. The IWM is once again red, at the same time piece of shit stocks like FUBO gap up. Breadth is marooned at 44% and ZS came out with an upside pre-announcment lending strength to the entire SAA sector.

Out of nowhere, coal and natty are up — but sadly biotech is marked lower.

If you’re haven difficulty trading this tape — it is because you’re a normal person and not a lizard. Only lizards can understand this tape with all of its grant eccentricities.

My Quant is powered by lizards, so up 68bps. But my trading account is -56bps, based upon the whims of man.

Do not give into the apathy, taking off the summer like losers. Keep at it — sweating profusely at the monitor whilst your friends summer at Newport on yachts — popping champagne corks into each other’s faces.

Eventually, all of the hard work pays off and then you’re dead and your money sent to your kids who spend it on clothes, trips, and ill advised luxuries until they’re broke.

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  1. txchick57

    Memes too. AMC, GME, even BBBY

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