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I had reduced my losses midday to just 83bps and then I felt emboldened to LEAN into what looked like a nice tape. As soon as I leveraged up 155% of assets, this happened.

Straight the fuck down — no stops. I got melted the fuck down in my LABU position and ended up closing it out for a cool and collected $16k loss. To close it all out, I leveraged up to get myself into a NET SHORT position because — WHY THE FUCK NOT?

And then markets gapped up to end the session — nailing me to a cross -2.62%.

The subsequent result of this drubbing is widespread bullying and acrimony inside Stocklabs. I have now been reduced to a man to toss over-ripened tomatoes at — spit at casually as you’re walking down the street eating and iced cream cone.

In my head, I intend to murder all of these people and I’ll probably go home tonight and sharpen my blades while talking to myself. I will think of different scenarios where I end up victorious and literally MANIFEST it to happen in real life.

This happens to be, as a matter of fact, the secret to my “success.” I just think about what I want to happen and really focus on it and then it happens. These aren’t idle curiosities — but obsessions.

I had taken for granted my comfortable standing and returns and didn’t train for the boxing match — and then got knocked the fuck out by Clubber Lang. This will not happen again and as I sharpen my blades you should all fear my wrath.

I felt better writing all of that down — gave me an outlet to release some of my delusions and anger.

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  1. txchick57

    LABU was down 30 cents. BFD. You’ll be sorry you took that loss

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