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One Can Never Be Too Careful Around These Markets

At about 3pm I was sitting very high, very beautifully atop of my horse. I had splendid gains of +145bps and I leveraged long at 130% because I wanted more. I got the idea of “wanting more” long ago when I was a small boy playing in the sewers of Brooklyn. I figured I’d try my best all of my life to get more and if I failed, worst case scenario, I could go back to the sewers.

My plans, at least for today, were foiled. I gave back more than half of my gains and ended +65bps for the session — forced by brute measure to deleverage and hedge my longs.

Today’s Chicanery

I want you to understand something very clearly: I am a PERMANENT BEAR. My default bias is to see prices sharply lower. I am not retarded, however, and will go through very long periods of doing the opposite — as it suits me to make money in all venues/markets.

Whilst some of you out there might choose to bathe just 3 times per week, content with being rancid and degenerate, Le Fly is always clean and my health always very excellent. My mood, for the most part, superb. With that in mind, I’d like to see the experiment called “western finance” come to its conclusion — amidst a total collapse of society. Under these circumstances, I do intend to take on some rather outsized SHORT POSITIONS, whereby I will profit handsomely from the misery of peers. These are simply facts of life and not meant to be malevolent in any way.

I hedged my 105% long book with 35% inverse ETFs — not because I am bearish — but because I have rather enjoyed the month of March and stand before you, presiding even, with gains nearing 10%. While these might seem “spectacular” to some of you, I have a constant desire for more — most likely due to some brand of inadequacy complex I’ve been nursing since my time spent chasing watered bugs inside the Brooklyn sewers.

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  1. bintercorp

    This market feels like a tranny with a machine gun just waiting to take its final revenge. However, truck tonnage is up and heavy weight truck sales are down. Shit stocks are up so it must be a clown.

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