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DB is +5%. Admit it bears, you had your chance to destroy western finance as we knew it and you blew it, as per usual. Now, we get to see the bulls dance in the streets in their tranny uniforms, celebrating new aid packages to Ukraine enrobed in Zelensky attire.

I am keeping it plain and simple: 100% long allocation predicated upon the Stocklabs algorithms — perhaps a hedge or two along the way to make myself feeeeeel safe.

Into the fray we go — at the vanguard of it all are the wonderful bankers who we endear so terribly — skyrocketing APRs amidst the rancor of identity theft and PLUNGING credit scores.

“You Sir there — your credit score is 698. Do ya know what dat means, you there Sir?”

“No mate what does it mean? I paid all me bills but had my bollocks cut off and the medical expenses causes me score to drop”

“This here Sir means you have to pay me 39% APR on this new Range Rover.”

“Aye, I cannot afford that, you bastard. What does that come out to, $2500 per mo you cunt?”

“OYYYEEE MATE, don’t get mad at me — you’re the one without bollocks and a credit score under 700. Time you ye to pay up!”

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  1. john galt

    I’ll take things that I never did for $600. Credit scores and covid tests

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