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Well Well Well — Would You Look at That?

We have a relief rally underway and the perception is — the GREAT BANKING CRISIS IS OVER.

This might upset you to learn — but I am now BULLISH. This of course is subject to change on a whim and you should always be prepared for additional shoes to drop. However retarded the govt plan is, the notion of BACKSTOPPING ALL DEPOSITS is causing folks to froth from the mouth and buy stocks.

Tomorrow the Fed might do 25bps and indicate they’ll fuck off for a brief break. OR, they might raise 50bps and skull fuck bulls. TBH: it’s a very pivotal day, tomorrow is.

I am +2.1% and fully prepared to hedge a little to keep these gains. I am not a greedy man and accept my +32% YTD returns are mine, rightfully and lawfully earned. No one can take them away, since I deserve them and make them honestly. To keep them, I am willing to kill. Do not get in the way of my returns: you’ve been warned.

In summary, WE (the royal we) ARE BULLISH and look forward to more.

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  1. bambam

    Dumb that I didn’t buy FRB after that b.s. 47% drop.. it will be back to ATHs soon enough. Easy peezy triple double

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