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Higher We Go

I had hedged mid-afternoon in order to lockdown my gains and only ended up wasting my time and money. The market doesn’t want to go lower — just like Russia doesn’t want to stop attacking the Ukraine. You should know what to expect, since FRC knifing lower by 40% for the day barely scared people out from their SCHW positions.

When it comes to these things, I tend to fall back on the idea that markets are the best barometer of risk. If there was fear, stocks would’ve been lower. Since they’re higher, markets have concluded risk to be minimal. While this will annoy you, especially my BEAR-TARD cadre of reader, understand that I am a person without a nation and have no pledges of loyalty to any group. I am independent thinking and will die that way.

Perhaps tomorrow we might enjoy some more downside action. But as of right now, this close, we are going the fuck higher.

PS: I hope I eat my words.

What are my qualification? All time motherfucking highs.

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    I got snow at those same highs!

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