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Indecision Ahead of Assured Doom

In my opinion, markets are setting up for a ruinous leg lower. But I could be wrong and I like to hedge all of my bets, including my opinions — since they might change. All I know is this: everything is rot. everything is scornful. The future is bleak.

That much I am certain about. What the market does from now until then is somewhat of a mystery, in late stage satanic edition of Pax American — under foreign occupation.

I keep vacillating between long and short in my trading — unable to make up my damned mind. I know for some of you losers — seeing Le Fly magnificent and at the peak of his performance is hurtful to you, seeing that you disagree with my Tweets. My little tweets get you so very MAD! Big MAD! You huff and puff and try to blow my house down — but it’s made of stone, ancient stone really, and your teeth will fall out before my house falls.

I reign dominion over this financial internets. All others are either vassals are plebs hiding under my drawbridge. When I am finished pissing into the waters, I will order my crocodiles to eat you.

I am down 19bps for the session, 25% short on top of a 100% long book –+28.4% for the year in a public portfolio.


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