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You need to understand there are levels to this game we play. At the top are complete assholes who are bereft of any skill. Basically they’re all demons and devils who are corrupt enough to trick others into giving them money. They then employ others to leverage that money into larger sums and they fuck off for the rest of their lives rich as fuck.

Then there are people like me, plebs with innate skills who are used by the devils on top to get rich as fuck and fuck off until death. I’ll never attain grandiose wealth, just enough to get by and afford the many luxuries that I deserve, by natural law.

I’ve concluded long ago that I do not need grandiose sums of wealth. It’ll probably turn me into a demon, or worse a tranny. This way, I get to chat with proles all day long and yell at them when they do stupid things and they thank me for the abuse I dole out. I can only get away with these sort of tactics while successful, in a state of peak performance — such a state that literally nothing can stop me.

I AM SKILLED LABOR in these markets, an artisan of sorts — a man who understands his weaknesses and strengths and knows how to swim when the waters are calm — but most importantly when rough.

I tell you these things, even though it means less than nothing to you, because I can and I usually do the things I can and avoid the things I cannot.

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