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Done For Session

I traded miserably all day up until 10 mins ago when I made $5k in downside ETF hedges. I closed them out fast and now I will sit back on this fucking raft I am on and let the seas take me where they will.

My run is now over and it was very nice to have had it. But now it’s over.

Come Monday I close out my weekly quant picks and go to cash. After that time, I will fully regroup and try really hard not to be FOOLED, as I am prone to do so after big runs. I always try to outsmart myself and everyone else and what ends up happening is not much of anything for months at a time, until which point I reassert my dominance and go on another run.

I guess you can say, if you chose to do so, my best trading trait is my ability NOT to blow up — which is why I am calling it a fucking day, with my only additional positions on my sheets are BOIL and APRN.


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