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A ReMARKable Session

At the time of my previous post I had declared myself “done” and to put a fork in me. After getting up from the corner from which I was crying in, I ventured off to my laptop to talk to the people who subscribe to my service, Stocklabs, since I had ignored them all day in their abject annoyance. I know that when I am down, many of them are down, and there’s nothing worse than hanging out with a bunch of losers — even if you’re the one responsible.

I took a foray, if you will, back into the stock exchange, for just “one more trade”. Before I knew it, I ws headlong 160% leveraged into an array of micro-caps busting loose. I took my 4.5% loss and brought it all the way to -55bps. I did that, not out of luck or happenstance, but because I am a finely tuned engine for financial success.

Some of my doubters will say things, such as “well then El Midge, if you’re so successful — why bother SELLING YOUR WARES to a bunch of losers online?” The truth is very obvious, as it is simple.


The most obvious assumption is typically the most likely.

As such, I once again, interminably, stand before you victorious.

NOTE: I scraped back a bit towards the last 20 mins, ending -1.4%, but +9.7% for the week and +21.4% YTD. I am holding a 100% long book with a gigantic 41% hedge in TZA and a 4am runner in MARK.

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