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I’m friends with a really successful guy named “The Devil.” True story. He thinks he’s better than everyone but knows and understands he’s not better than me. Today he tried to warn me of a 12% COLLAPSE in the market, likely stemming from his cowardice in his position sheets. I will have you know, Le Fly isn’t afraid of anything. You should’ve seen me out there today — booked 100+ trades just swinging in and out of things, intermingling with my PREMIUM trading room — castigating them for not heeding my warnings.

I actually lost money today, -33bps — but had the time of my life.

I have transcended making or losing money. Now I trade for pleasure, leisure even. See, I have these ideas and then I act upon them and it produces and emotional response in me that makes me happy.

What is my fucking problem?

We’re in a bull market — so absolutely nothing.

I realize in the past year or so many of my new readers were attracted to me for my heavily pro Russian and BEARTARD takes on markets. Whilst I am still heavily pro Russia, I have all but abandoned you retarded bears — until I grow tired of this bull trade.

Today we saw a thesis break out around electric vehicle and artificial intelligence stocks, in addition to the normal short squeeze plays — which catapulted higher by 4.5%.

I expect and anticipate these thesis trades to continue — because when the momentum gets going and the proles crawl out from underneath the steps to open their Robinhood accounts — WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED.

I traded frantically today in order to curate my holdings and get a feel for what I was looking at. I was not, as crazy as it seems, trying to make money today. I closed the week +5% and my YTD gains are a respectable 10.6%. But I’m not here for market performance and you’re not here reading me for mediocrity.

The pain trade is UP. The lashings will continue and the bears will receive Pelosi styled hammer blows to the cranium — as Americans style themselves to be war profiteers — sending tanks and weapons into the east for purposes of establishing peace by way of death and war.

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