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I’ve switched stratagem from buying breakouts and carefully curating my portfolio to taking on WIDE SWATHS OF TRASH, especially in the AI space which has caught fire today. Instead of hitching my cart to one or two names, I must’ve bought 20. I lost count.

My favorite of the bunch is VERI, thinly traded and it might spike heavily if too many of you read this and act upon it at once.

I do not care if I lose money in this gambit. This is whale hunting and the point being is this: LCID is +31% on takeover rumors. I had bought and sold it today and missed out. We are in some sort of oddball salient just before WW3 and economic collapse, akin to black box trading — something I have mentioned here numerous times over the decade plus. This is opportunity, for you to act upon, seize it, and greedily produce more money in order to squirrel it away for when the apocalypse comes and you need to spend $5,000 for a loaf of bread.

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  1. profits101

    20, your best move. Need best management to go with it.

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