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Hard to describe my plight today. I was thrashed about with all sort of emotions — starting out hugely long and leveraged into a broken exchange and 2.6% in losses to nearly full recovery and then I tripped into a series of blunders on both the long side and short, culminating into a disastrous end whereby I leveraged up long only to quickly reverse to short and instead of booking quick gains — bore witness to a series of FUCK YOU CANDLES to the upside which melted my face off and closed me pinned down 2.17% for the session.

This is the sort of session that haunts me, makes me believe someone is peering over my shoulder, accessing my trades in order to ruin me.

After the close, Microsoft and Amazon are spiking which all but assures I will open DOWN tomorrow, as I am leaning short into what I thought was a reversal.

If I wasn’t so grizzled and numb to this sort of thing, I might’ve cried today — out of rage of course — not sadness. I might’ve paced back and forth and pulled at my hair and pondered how I could be so stupid. But instead, I glibly circumvented the tape and my positions and posited that I’d be in for some setbacks due to some curse or hex that wad once again placed upon me. I’ve been fighting off these hexes my entire life, Voodoo magicians chasing after me and my fortune — always trying to annihilate me. Truth is, they got me now and again but I will be back with splendor to sever off their heads and dagger out their eyes.

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