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I believe Germany has agreed to send their renowned Leopard II tanks to Ukraine, all 20 or 30 of them — in addition to some of Polands and perhaps a few other countries. We also heard from Biden that we might send over a “significant amount” of our older M1A1 models — in order to protect the democracy of Ukraine which was achieved via violent coup in 2014.

The end game, of course, is these new tanks will sashay through the woods of Ukraine and travel like eels all the way to Crimea, with HIMARs rockets covering their path. Perhaps next we might send some old submarines to the Ukrainians in order to retake Sevastopol.

I understand Russia is completely out of ammo and have very few tanks left, in addition to 90% of their men already killed in Bakhmut — so it’s basically over for them.

The harsh reality for Russia is as follows: Even though you lost 1 million men fighting for Kiev against Nazis in world war 2 and there are nazi elements in Ukraine now being armed with German tanks — the Ukraine belongs to the GLOBOHOMO now and after the war concludes, we will ensure gender studies are taught and have all sorts of feminist projects cropping up throughout the country — promoting independence from the “toxic white males” who just won the war against Russia. We will need to IMPORT new males of a darker varietal into Ukraine to fill the spaces of those left behind or who left, teach gay sex to your children and encourage them to “explore their identities” by cutting off their tits and dicks — creating a wonderful pastiche of diversity into what was once ancient Rus lands.

We will do this and there is nothing Russia or anyone else can do about it.

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